We are weird.

We build new things.

Who We Are

Founded in 2017, Manycore Corp. is a full remote company. We are:

    - challenging and rewarding
    - committed to being the best
    - risk taking, groundbreaking, new
    - deeply respectful of every person
    - compatible with a family life

We've taken our experience from earlier startups to build a company we love.

We are backed by YCombinator and Kima Ventures.

Our People

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Nicolas Toper

Co-founder and CEO

Nicolas Toper has more than 15 years of experience bringing tech ventures to life. He is the founder or co-founder of three successful technology companies (Critsend, Pilo, and Manycore).

Free Website Template for Restaurants by Free-Template.co

Marcus Engene

Co-founder and CTO

Marcus Engene brings 20 years of computer programming experience to his role at Manycore. He is the co-founder of two successful companies (Pond5 (Series A with Stripes and Accel), and Manycore).

Our Projects

These are the projects we can publicly discuss.

GraalVM Native Image Configurator


With Oracle's rewrite of the Java JVM you can compile Java to native code and have the same benefits as Golang.

GraalVM Native Image is a revolution in the JVM ecosystem but it is impossible to configure for most applications. This is what we want to fix.

We analyze your JAR and produce the configuration needed without tedious and error prone manual work.

This makes the JVM world perfect for the new serverless era.

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Reduce your AWS Lambda cost by up to 90%


We take your AWS Lambda JAR and automatically compile it to native code.

Native compiled JVM code has virtually no startup time and obliviates the need for costly provisioned concurrency.

Memory usage is lower. It's pre compiled and doesn't have to carry around a JIT compiler nor runtime statistics for the JIT.


know reliably how many of your messages made it to the inbox.


One of the biggest problems facing email marketers is the misclassification of their messages as spam. On average, we have found a 30% to 60% misclassification rate (including the promotions tab) on Gmail.

Our patent-pending solution measures inbox placement rate. This is the percentage of your customers’ emails that end up in the inbox versus spam or other folders. Our app enables you to track the success of an email campaign in real-time. You’ll know precisely how many of your messages made it to the inbox.

This is a critical measurement. If you can measure it, you can manage and fix it. Now with InboxBooster, you can.

InboxBooster is the only tool that provides reliable data on your email campaigns. We are 50% more accurate than competing tools and we only need access to your webhooks or API.


We can make your apps run 10 times faster.

Android Accelerator

In the video below, you can see our patented tool in action. We have sped up the start-up of the Uber startup by 25x from 500ms down to 20ms.

This speedup is achieved by moving automatically some parts of the code in background threads in a safe and proven way. We were able to accomplish this even though we have no affiliation with Uber or access to the Uber source code. We can achieve the same results for your app. If you're interested in experimenting with us, get in touch .

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